Sustainable Tourism and Offsetting Carbon Emissions

Holy frijoles Batman, I finally made a post! I apologize for the long delay. I am actually really not very interesting and don’t have that much to say. Haha. But I’m working on it.

In the spirit of sustainable tourism I am going to introduce you to an awesome company. If you’re into sustainable practices at home this company can make it easy to give back for the few things that we can’t give up like driving to work in the midst of winter. It can get to -40 C here (which is actually the point that Celsius and Fahrenheit meet). has the motto “Reduce What You Can, Offset What You Can’t”. I think that is what most of us sustainability minded folk have as a motto too. On their website they offer many solutions to reduce where we can, like how to reduce the carbon footprint of your travel or wedding, in addition to more day to day activities.

For those things we can’t offset you can make a payment through CarbonFund to attain carbon neutrality. They have a Carbon Calculator so you can create an estimate of your carbon footprint, or if you want to save yourself the hassle simply use one of the preset options. They take the money you give and put it towards renewable energy projects and reforestation initiatives. All the donations they make are made to third-party validated groups to ensure that your money goes towards making a positive impact. You can choose whether your donation goes to renewable energy, energy efficiency and carbon credits, or reforestation.

I looked at offsetting my trip to Hawaii that is coming later this year and for myself and the Wildman it was only $23.64 for the round trip. It’s nice that the values they give are reasonable and don’t put carbon offsetting out of reach.

Now in case you are feeling extra inspired they offer restaurant gift certificates for tree planting.  $25 will allow you to plant 25 trees but you will receive a $50 gift card for

Here’s to reducing and offsetting in our future!