New Perspectives

Hey all! Happy fall! This is the most hectic time of year for us school employees and I think I may lose it/have already lost it and just don’t know yet. The good thing about this is all the extra overtime I have been able to bank and I will be getting an extra week off for next year! 3 weeks, what am I going to do with all that time? Well if you’ve been following this blog for a while you already know… cough cough subtle nudge

In addition to working crazy hours it was my birthday! I am so excited because I was gifted climbing gear and fins so I can explore places in a new way. I have already been practicing my bouldering and have started looking into rock climbing routes in Oahu and Jasper. I am envisioning the amazing views from rock faces on Oahu. Lush greenery leading into the ocean. Unf, so ready.

I have also been gifted the chance to go to the Dark Skies festival in Jasper, Alberta! Now if you’ve never heard Jasper is a dark sky preserve. A dark sky preserve is an area where no artificial light is visible and active measures are taken to reduce light pollution. Jasper National Park is one of the largest dark sky preserves at 11,000 square kms. It is estimated that 85% of Canadians can’t see more than a few stars at night, I think our inability to see the night sky in all it’s wonder has had a dramatic impact on humanity. We no longer are able to understand our place in the scope of the world because we look up and see nothing.


This probably looks familiar to most of us.

There are also a number of guest speakers to educate on many different space related topics and I love space! Cosmos is one of my favourite shows ever. I love learning how small our place in the universe is. It’s probably why I enjoy travelling too, it gives perspective on our lives.

What does all this mean for us travellers? Epic night sky photos. The kind you look at and wonder how they could ever go anywhere so pristine and seemingly untouched.



I cannot wait to see this!

These opportunities have me so excited to see things from new perspectives whether that be from mountain face or dark night.